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Top 10 events of Sochi

Track-puzzle, Russian flag in the men’s relay and the white one in the women’s, Ustyugov and Zaitseva, chain of sensations and usual power of the world cup titles’ winners, hockey leisure of the guests and inexhaustible optimism of Pichler. ranged all events that pre-Olympic Sochi became famous for.

Problem of the cup – up and down without stops

The track in Sochi is the most difficult in the calendar of the World cup, dozens of comments from biathletes, designers and other people do not give a chance to imagine something else. Peloton needs to get used to it: the main prizes in their lives will be raffled on the difficult track.

Downhill-uphill-downhill-uphill, lots of dangerous turns and a lot of chances to fall down. Italian, French, American, Swedish and Russian athletes have already made it. Maxim Tsvetkov, who had his first race in Sochi was much more lucky than he seemed to be on the TV. After his dramatic fall he got only DNF in the protocol and a bruise.

Heroes of the cups – Martin Fourcade and Tora Berger

Leading athletes are on their usual places. Martin won two races out of two, missed one time out of 30 shots, and won the Big Crystal Globe and couple of small ones. The track suits him.

Tora does not have a tournament motivation anymore but gets it from the archives of statistics. She is looking for records to beat. Two podiums in Sochi: 9th and 10th consequitive – is a record of Magdalena Forsberg, and 17th and 18th in the season – another record of Magdalena Forsberg (19) will hardly stand it until Monday.

Game of the cup – hockey in valenki on March 8

The hockey on snow in valenki with coaches, journalists, IBU and RBU officials is a great show. Viktor Maigurov, Stefan Ecklund, Dmitry Guberniev and Sigfried Mase. A great present to the girls and flowers in addition.

Finish of the cup – Evgeny Ustyugov with a flag

The Russian men’s team won their second relay this season, one of the most important one. They cannot be boring in their victories, and that is why debutant of the race Alexander Loginov was in charge of intrigue this time – a penalty loop after the prone shooting got the team out of the top-10.

Dmitry Malyshko was in charge of comeback, he overran the whole peloton and was leading at the exchange. Spectacular finish of Evgeny Ustyugov: zero in shooting, flag in his hands 200 meters before the finish, bows, applauses and curtain.

Surprises of the cup – Magdalena Gwizdon, Serhiy Semenov, Henrik L’abee-Lund

New tracks take to the top either completely new faces or those who was on top many years ago.

Ukrainian Semenov closed all targets in the individual race and for the first time in his 4–year carrier made it to the podium (3rd place). Andrejs Rastorgujevs from Latvia followed him – the best result in his life as well.

World champion in the relay L’abee-Lund is still inexperienced but not really young: he got his first podium (3rd place in sprint) at the age of 26.

Magdalena Gwisdon, Poland, won the sprint race for a second time in her carrier, and this podium was the first one in 6 last years.


Habit of the cup – Evgeny Ustyugov and Olga Zaitseva

Olympic champions were the most successful in the team at the new stadium and got their prizes in different ways.

Zaitseva concentrated on accuracy, had zero mistakes in the individual race and lost only to fast Domracheva. Ustyugov skied and shot fast, but missed once. However, it was impossible to move Fourcade from the first place even with clean shooting. Evgeny and Olga are both satisfied with their performance on the track in Sochi, this is the most important of all other facts.

Disappointment of the cup – women’s relay

Probably the worse race of the season for the women’s team. Unpleasant contrast with the men’s team, that won the race couple of hours before that.


Citation of the cup – Wolfgang Pichler: “We need to find a right plan of training for the Olympic Games”

Inexhaustible coach of the women’s team is right this time.

Figure of the cup – anniversary race of Zaitseva

Individual race in Sochi became an anniversary 200th race for Olga Zaytseva in her carrier – the record number for the women’s team. Her debut happened 13 years ago in Ostersund with 62nd place. Since then Zaitseva had 13 victories, 12 second and 16 third places. There is no other athlete like this in Russia.

Photo of the cup – great nature of Caucasus!

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