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One team, one dream

The women’s team of Novosibirsk and the men’s team of Bashkiria won the relays at the Russian championship in Uvat. Comeback of Vilukhina from Switzerland, Chudov and co. with one dream, and Volkov, who tamed the Uvat wind without any problems are in the photo report of

News of the day – the women’s team of Novosibirsk and the men’s team of Bashkiria won in the relays

Anton Babikov, Alexander Zhirny, Vasiliy Shetalin and Maxim Chudov placed first in the men’s relay, winning over the favorites – the teams of Khanty-Mansiysk and Tyumen. The representatives of Bashkiria won the race with 4 penalty loops and 14 spare rounds. The reason is the strong wind at the shooting range. Winners of the women’s relay – Anna Suraeva, Galina Nechkasova, Anna Nikulina and Olga Vilukhina – had one penalty loop and 12 extra bullets.

Shooting of the day – Alexey Volkov

Alexey was inimitable at the shooting range. If you can shoot, then wind is not a problem. Alexey shot all 10 targets. There were not biathletes with clean shooting in the women’s relay.

Comeback of the day – Olga Vilukhina

Biathlete of the national team missed sprint and pursuit in Uvat, but came back before the relay and helped the Novosibirsk team to win in the relay. “I missed the first part of the Russian championship, as I wanted to have a short break. I went to Switzerland with Olga Zaitseva. I saw how she lives there. We walked around a lot. I celebrated my birthday there. I am very satisfied with this trip. It was the first time when I celebrated my birthday abroad,” said Olga after the race.

Comment of the day – Maxim Chudov: “The team of Bashkiria needed this victory more than the other teams”

“It is nice that I could win this gold medal with my team,” commented Maxim Chudov. “We needed this victory more than all other teams. We have a difficult situation in our region. Today we proved that we could fight even with these serious problems. I am not ready to answer the questions about my preparation for the next season.”

We want to wish good luck to the sportsmen from Bashkiria. With their great work, they should earn a better situation in the region. We hope that Maxim Chudov will not give up and continue fighting for a place at biathlon Olympia.”

Photo of the day – Maxim Chudov with his teammates

One team, one dream!

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