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Honored masters

Ivan Tcherezov and Marina Korovina won the mass starts at the Russian championship in Uvat. Three honored masters of sport on the pedestal of the men’s race, Korovina, who won despite all the obstacles, ideal shooting of Tcherezov and speed of Chudov are in the photo report of

News of the day – Ivan Tcherezov and Marina Korovina won the mass starts at the Russian championship in Uvat


Representatives of the Tyumen region Ivan Tcherezov and Marina Korovina finished first in the mass starts. Silver medals went to Maxim Chudov (Bashkiria) and Daria Virolainen (Moscow), Maxim Maximov (Tyumen) and Valentina Nazarova (Udmurtia) got bronze.

Shooting of the day – Ivan Tcherezov and Larisa Kuznetsova

Ivan Tcherezov was ideal at the shooting range with no mistakes. No one could repeat the exploit of Ivan. However, the day before, in the relay, Tcherezov was not doing that well. “Yesterday it was much harder, as I have not shot with such a wind for two years,” explained Ivan. Five biathletes missed twice in the women’s peloton. Larisa Kuznetsova was the fastest to close 18 targets.

Speed of the day – Maxim Chudov and Uliana Denisova


Maxim Chudov was the fastest on track, winning over Maxim Maximov and Artem Gusev at the finish. Uliana Denisova was the fastest among women, but five misses did not let her to finish on podium – 4th place in the race. 

Comment of the day — Ivan Tcherezov: “This was an ideal race in terms of both shooting and speed”


“I could not train properly in summer because of my trauma, that is why I could not gain a perfect shape in the season. Now I feel well.” Let us wish Ivan to have a productive summer this time.

The same is about Marina Korovina, who complained about not optimal form: “My shape is not the best now, despite the fact that I could win. It is too early to discuss the training plans for the next season.”

Figure of the day – 18

Medalists of the mass start have 18 medals of the world championships and Olympic Games.

Photo of the day – Maxim Burtasov advertised one famous during during the race


Perhaps that is what he ordered during the relay?:)

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