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Unfurling the sails

The youth and junior teams are unfurling the sails on their way to the next season. After the work in Kislovodsk, the teams have restoration training camp in Sochi. followed the reserve team’s sportsmen and watched them training and improving their health in the place, where the first winter Olympics games will start in eight months.


Biathlon coaches like the old saying: “Even a yardman can load a sportsman, but it is a far more difficult task to rehabilitate him properly”. After the work in Kislovodsk, the team moved to Sochi for restoration. Among treatment and other procedures, no one forgets about training.

“After a serious work in Kislovodsk we need to restore sportsmen,” says the head coach of reserve Alexander Kasperovich. “We had a break between winter and summer periods. It was caused by sportsmen needs. The athletes should not be relaxed now; we need to be in dynamic progress constantly. The results grew in biathlon in all directions – in strength, functional and shooting training.

Ильгиз Самгуллин и Александр Касперович

Just 10 years ago, sportsmen had lower results in tests. Simple example: we used to say that a skier of world-class should run 3000 meters faster than in 9 minutes. Now sportsmen of the same class have the same tasks in biathlon.”

Functional diagnostics and medical control over the team are at the highest level. Doctors do not forget about education. Sportsmen have already had several lections about nutrition, strength and other topics. This information is revision for experienced sportsmen and novelty for younger athletes.

Training conditions in Sochi are great: gym, courts for volleyball and field hockey, stadium, and so on. The main figure skating, bobsleigh and skeleton teams train close to the biathlon reserve in Sochi. Thanks to the wonderful infrastructure, they all have something do in Sochi.

The main draw of the training camp in Sochi is, of course, a yacht sailing in the sea. One cannot compare turbid water by the coast with water in several miles from the shore. Effect from such “bathes” is much stronger than from simple beach leisure – immunity becomes stronger, thus making the sportsmen to forget about colds in winter.

The team got the yachts with symbolic names: Sochi and Nike. Victory goddess and Olympic capital – a yacht will sail the way you name it. Let us consider such a coincidence as a good sign.

Галина Нечкасова и Ульяна Кайшева

The girls’ team sails offshore first. A few minutes of waiting, and here we are drifting in the open sea. We are not throwing the anchor, and gradually moving through the waves, so it is better to bathe clinging onto the rope or life buoy. The most desperate sportsmen refuse from this tug.

The Olympic Sochi watches the water procedures of the team from the shore. The city has noticeably changed in recent years. Ten years ago, there were green hills, and now you see houses and business centers. The Olympic Games gave the widespread construction impulse.

90 minutes goes by quickly, and the yachts are already in the harbor. The girls start their training – exercises in gym and field hockey. Now it is a turn of the men's team to repeat the route.

At the one-week rehabilitation camp in Sochi, the reserve teams unfurl their sales after the season and the work they done in Kislovodsk. The task is clear, the Generation Next needs to improve health to deal with upcoming loads and make us happy with new victories.

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