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Early August, all sportsmen that train within the Russian national team met each other at the training camp in Tyumen. Coaching staff of the team decided to celebrate this special occasion with the mixed shooting relay. visited the historical event and shared its impressions and the latest team’s news in its photo story.

Joint shooting training in Tyumen was announced by the head coaches of both teams Nikolay Lopukhov and Alexander Selifonov already in Font-Romeu, where similar competition took place between the men’s team and the Pichler’s group. All coaches and athletes liked that experience and were looking forward to repeat it in Tyumen. They even invited journalists to prove that biathlon is interesting not only in winter but also in summer.

The competition was held in mixed relay format. The pairs, that were fighting for the prizes – fruit sets, were formed by drawing lots the day before. Relay participants needed to determine the most accurate and fastest shooters in two prone and two standing shootings. Olga Vilukhina and Evgeny Garanichev placed third, while Malyshko/Podchufarova and Makoveev/Korovina had a serious fight for the victory. Eliminated in previous rounds sportsmen were cheering and supporting both pairs.

“That miss I had at the standing shooting happened when guys shouted: “Leader! Leader!” Of course it influenced result, but on the other hand it creates intrigue. Jokes during shooting also disturb me,” commented Dmitry Malyshko. Alexander Selifonov announced the winners – Malyshko and Podchufarova!

The winners won a big melon, silver medalists – a watermelon, while Vilukhina and Garanichev were the luckiest and got the whole fruit set. “Evgeny asked me if I would share it with him. Of course I will!”

Such joint training sessions is a great opportunity for sportsmen to test their shooting skills under stress and feel the team spirit. “Today’s training was psychological – all sportsmen felt responsible for their team-mates. It was an interesting and intense struggle. We were impressed by performance of Podchufarova, she had only two penalties,” said Selifonov.

Biathlon complex in Tyumen has all required equipment for diverse training. Here is a Pichler’s group playing floorball – athletes against team’s staff. Girls won this intense match, while in the coaches’ team, Alexander – the son of Olga Zaitseva – showed himself as a very active player. On the neighboring pitch, the men’s team plays volleyball. Where else can you see a fine serve of Malyshko or secure block of Volkov?  


“I want to thank the government of Tyumen region for providing us with the ideal conditions for preparation this Olympic season. Complex Zhemchuzhina Sibiri is one of the best complexes in Russia for training camps of the teams of any level and tournaments like world cups or championships. We plan to organize the October training camp here,” commented the executive director of the RBU Sergey Kushchenko.

The training for an Olympic season is in full swing, and according to the coaches, the teams follow the plan. “Sportsmen gradually improve their physical conditions, they became stronger,” comments Alexander Selifonov.

Training camp of the group of Korolkevich in Tyumen approaches its finish – on August 13, the sportsmen travel back home, and after that to Slovenian mountains. The men’s team and the group of Pichler will stay at Zhemchuzhina Sibiri until August 17. In September, all teams will meet again in the capital of the upcoming Olympic Games!

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