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Irina Starykh won sprint at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi

Biathlete from Tyumen Irina Starykh won the women's sprint race at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi. Ekaterina Glazyrina from Yekaterinburg placed second, Yana Romanova from Omsk finished third. 

Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Russian Cup. Sochi

Sprint. Women

1. Irina Starykh (Tyumen) – 21.19,9 (2)

2. Ekaterina Glazyrina (Yekaterinburg) +1,6 (0)

3. Yana Romanova (Omsk) +4,9 (1)

4. Ekaterina Avvakumova (Krasnodar) +12,2 (0)

5. Ogla Zaitseva (Moscow)  +15,3 (1)

6. Svetlana Sleptsova (Khanty-Mansiysk) +15,4 (1)

Full results in Russian are available here.

Irina Starykh: “I still do not believe that at the finish I could win back such a big lag”

Ekaterina Glazyrina: “It is good that we have an opportunity to train on the Olympic track”

Svetlana Sleptsova: “My result is not bad for the second start after five months of training”

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