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Gold Double for Irina Starykh at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup

Sportsman of Tyumen oblast Irina Starykh made a gold double at the Summer Biathlon Russia Championships and Cup, winning the women's individual race in Sochi. Earlier Starykh had also won the sprint race. Olga Zaitseva took the second place in the individual race, with Ekaterina Glazyrina placing third. 

Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup. Sochi

Individual race. Women

1. Irina Starykh (Tyumen oblast) — 31.12,5 (1)

2. Olga Zaitseva (Moscow) +13,4 (1)

3. Ekaterina Glazyrina (Sverdlovsk oblast) +42,8 (0)

4. Glina Nechkasova (Novosibirsk oblast) +1.47,2 (3)

5. Anna Frolina (Bulygina) (Tyumen oblast) +1.47,6 (2)

6. Svetlana Perminova (Moscow) +1.48,8 (1)

Alexander Selifonov: “We got the results, which will form the basis for analysis of summer training period”

Irina Starykh: “I went all out, although it was very hard”

Olga Zaitseva: “I do not have a top-form now, it is too early for it”

Ekaterina Glazyrina: “I am not satisfied with the result”

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