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Sergey Bocharnikov to win Sprint at the SB Russian Championships and Cup

Sergey Bocharnikov from Moscow won the men's sprint at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi. Alexander Loginov from Saratov placed second, with Alexey Kornev from Khanty-Mansiysk taking the third place.

Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup. Sochi

Sprint. Men

1. Sergey Bocharnikov (Moscow) — 25.47,6 (1),

2. Alexander Loginov (Saratov) +7,4 (1)

3. Alexey Kornev (Khanty-Mansiysk) +23,1 (0)

4. Nikolay Pankratov (Khanty-Mansiysk) +27,9 (1)

5. Sergey Balandin (Tyumen oblast) +28,3 (0)

6. Ivan Tcherezov (Tyumen oblast) +31,2 (3) 

Nikolay Lopukhov: “Some athletes showed result below their level”

Sergey Bocharnikov: “I counted on a good performance in Sochi, but did not expect to win”

Alexander Loginov: “The uphills are difficult in Sochi, it is good that we are getting used to them”

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