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Ivan Tcherezov to win Individual Race at SB Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi

Ivan Tcherezov of Tyumen oblast won the individual race at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi. Maxim Tsvetkov from Moscow placed second, while Andrey Makoveev from Tyumen finished third.

Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup. Sochi

Individual race. Men

1. Ivan Tcherezov (Tyumen oblast) — 47.18,5 (2)

2. Maxim Tsvetkov (Moscow) +39,2 (1)

3. Andrey Makoveev (Tyumen oblast) +42,6 (2)

4. Alexey Volkov (Khanty-Mansiysk) +1.12,2 (1)

5. Sergey Balandin (Tyumen oblast) +1.21,4 (1)

6. Alexey Slepov (Moscow) +1.58,2 (4) 

7. Sergey Bocharnikov (Moscow) +2.20,1 (4)

8. Evgeny Garanichev (Tyumen oblast)  +2.42,9 (4)

9. Alexander Pechenkin (Perm Krai) +2.40,0 (3)

10. Maxim Chudov (Bashkiria) +2.57,1 (5)

11. Viktor Vasilyev (Mordovia) +3.13,0 (2)

12. Maxim Maximov (Tyumen oblast) +3.17,2 (4)

13. Evgeny Ustyugov (Krasnoyarsk Krai) +3.27,9 (5)

Ivan Tcherezov: “It is wrong to say that we concentrated on these starts and prepared for them”

Maxim Tsvetkov: “I have already forgotten that fall that happened in winter”

Andrey Makoveev: “It was very hard to run sprint, but I used it for rehabilitation”

Nikolay Lopukhov: “Now we need to analyse summer training period”

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