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Russian biathlon team for World Cup and IBU Cup

Trial starts of the Russian team have finished in Ostersund. According to their results, the RBU Olympic staff chose the athletes for the Russian team to participate in the World Cup and IBU Cup. publishes full lists of the teams and comments of experts.  

On November 20, the RBU Olympic staff confirmed the national team list for the first stages of the World Cup and IBU Cup.


Men’s team

World Cup: Evgeny Ustyugov, Dmitry Malyshko, Anton Shipulin, Evgeny Garanichev, Alexander Loginov, Ivan Tcherezov, Alexey Volkov, Maxim Tsvetkov.

IBU Cup: Alexey Slepov, Sergey Klyachin, Timofey Lapshin, Alexander Pechenkin, Andrey Makoveev, Maxim Chudov, Maxim Maximov.

Women’s team

World Cup: Olga Zaitseva, Ekaterina Glazyrina, Ekaterina Shumilova, Irina Starykh, Ekaterina Yurlova, Ekaterina Iourieva, Yana Romanova, Olga Vilukhina.

IBU Cup: Svetlana Sleptsova, Valentina Nazarova, Anastasia Zagoruiko, Marina Korovina, Olga Podchufarova, Olga Vilukhina.


Viktor Maigurov, RBU vice-president for sports, head of the RBU Olympic staff:

“Almost all decisions made by the Olympic staff were unanimous, with no argues or discussions. Teams were formed according to sports principle. We had discussions regarding the men’s team and the IBU Cup, as we have more athletes than required. We decided that Sergey Bocharnikov would participate in the second IBU Cup. All other athletes will compete in the first IBU Cup, including Maxim Maximov and Maxim Chudov.

In the women’s team, the situation is uncertain with Olga Vilukhina, due to her illness she had an individual plan of training. She will run the sprint race at the IBU Cup on November 24. We plan that she will come back to the main team after that. We will decide later which races she will run at the World Cup. Yana Romanova included to the team for the World Cup as reserve. She will run the races, if Olga Vilukhina will have bad conditions.

I want to stress that we have one team – coaches and athletes. Alexander Kasperovich, Pavel Lantsov and Sergey Efimov will accompany athletes to the IBU Cup, but they are all coaches of the main team. This season we used several methods of training, and we continue their realization. That is why only after the third IBU Cup we will give a chance for youth team to compete in the IBU Cup.

The rotation within the teams is possible after two stages of the World and IBU Cups. Rotation will depend on results of the athletes. Some athletes might miss the third World Cup and prepare for the Olympics instead.

For the mixed relay at the first World cup in Ostesund we chose between Olga Zaitseva, Ekaterina Glazyrina, Irina Starykh, Alexey Volkov, Anton Shipulin, and Ivan Tcherezov.”

Alexander Selifonov, head coach of the Russian women’s team:

“Olga Podchufarova could not finish the individual race at the trial starts. She fell down and damaged her rifle. She feels good now.

We included eight athletes to the application list of the World cup, but only six of them can start in the race. It means that two girls will stay in reserve. This is good, as this way, we have an option to change girls depending on their conditions. Zatiseva, Glazyrina, Shumilova, Starykh, Iourieva, Yurlova are in the team for the World Cup. Romanova is in reserve. Vilukhina will compete at both IBU Cup and World cup. She will run sprint on November 24, and then will come back here. Olga had an individual plan of training that is why we need to check her in Idre.

We had no argues with the Olympic staff regarding women’s team. We have selection criteria, and everything was clear. We plan rotation for the third World cup. If there will be girls with great performance at the IBU Cup, they will be included to the team for the World Cup in France.”

Nikolay Lopukhov, head coach of the Russian men’s team:

“It is hard to name the decision of the Olympic staff as unexpected. The team is formed according to the sports principle. There were almost no discussions. Not it all will depend on performance of the athletes at the World and IBU Cups.

We all made good job in preparation period, chose the best athletes. But before the starts at the World Cup it is hard to say what level do we have comparing to the leaders. The only thing we are sure in is that many top athletes fought for the place in the national team. The trial starts revealed the best of them.”

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