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Olga Zaitseva finished second in the sprint in Ostersund

Women's sprint took place at the World Cup in Ostersund. Olga Zaitseva finished the race at the second place, losing only to Ann Kristin Flatland from Norway. Her teammate Tora Berger finished third. Another two Russian athletes Irina Starykh and Ekaterina Iourieva placed in the top-10.

World Cup. Ostersund (Sweden)

Sprint. Women

1. Ann Kristin Flatland (Norway) — 20:41,2 (0)

2. Olga Zaitseva (Russia) +15,9 (0)

3. Tora Berger (Norway) +22,0 (1)

5. Irina Starykh (Russia) +24,3 (0)

7. Ekaterina Iourieva (Russia) +34,9 (0)

17. Ekaterina Shumilova (Russia) +1:08,3 (1)

32. Ekaterina Yurlova (Russia) + 1:41,5 (1)

33. Yana Romanova (Russia) +1:44,9 (2)

Olga Zaitseva: “We are warming up”

Irina Starykh: “I geared up myself for the race of the Russian Cup, not the World Cup”

Ekaterina Iourieva: “I like pursuits and will start the race in a good mood”

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