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His own present

On his birthday, February 13, Evgeny Garanichev won a bronze medal of the individual race at the Olympic Games in Sochi. This is the first medal in individual race in the last 12 years for Russia. France’s Martin Fourcade won second Gold in Sochi. Germany’s Erik Lesser got Silver. Garanichev, who won himself a medal, speed advantage of Martin Fourcade and other vivid moments of the day in the photo story from Olympic Sochi at

News of the day – Russia’s Evgeny Garanichev won Bronze of individual race at the Olympic Games in Sochi

Garanichev won second medal for the Russian biathlon team at the Olympic Games in Sochi, adding his Bronze to the Silver of Olga Vilukhina. Martin Fourcade became a two-time Olympic champion, and Germany’s Erik Lesser won for the Germany team the first Olympic medal in biathlon.

Hero of the day – Evgeny Garanichev

Representative of Tyumen oblast on his own birthday made himself a perfect present: Bronze and certificate for continuation of fight. With this medal he opened himself the doors to the mass start, and, perhaps, to the Olympic relay as well.

Speed of the day – Martin Fourcade

Winner of the race was also the fastest on the track. Garanichev had the second speed (+36,3), Slovenia’s Jakov Fak –third.

Shooting of the day – Simon Eder

Three biathletes shot clean in the race: Germany’s Erik Lesser, Austria’s Simon Eder and Anton Panton of Kazakhstan. Simon Eder had the best shooting speed, but was far from being the fastest on the track. While Lesser with his 48th shooting speed made it to the podium.

Comment of the day – Evgeny Garanichev: “I have not realized yet, that I won Bronze”

We wish Evgeny to realize his achievement as soon as possible and keep it up!

Photo of the day – the fall

Michal Slesingr of the Czech Republic could not stand on one of the curves of the Olympic track.

Fans of the day – Russian fans

Today the camera of our photographer caught the fans from Rostov-on-Don.

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