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Not giving up

The women’s mass start at the Olympic Games in Sochi finished with the victory of Belarus’ Daria Domracheva. Three-time Olympic champion Domracheva, Zaitseva, fighting through the pain, and Vilukhina, promising to do her best in the upcoming relays are in photo story of

News of the day – Belarus’ Daria Domracheva won mass start and her third Gold at the Olympic Games in Sochi

In the mass start, Belarus’ Daria Domracheva won her third Gold of the Olympic Games in Sochi. Gabriela Soukalova of the Czech Republic won Silver, Norway’s Tiril Eckhoff took Bronze.

Misfortune of the day – Fall of Olga Zaitseva

The two-time Olympic champion fell down on one of the turns and hit her leg. After the first shooting Zaitseva was on the fifth place, but the fall did not leave her any chances. “The episode with the fall happened quickly during the race, that is why it is hard to recall how it all happened. I strained my leg, it still hurts. I fought despite the pain during the rest of the race. I did my best and endures, but my conditions were not perfect. I did what I could. I will check my leg and will cure,” said Zaitseva after the finish. Let us wish Olga to recover soon.

Comment of the day – Olga Vilukhina: “I tried to forget about my illness and do my best”

In the mixed zone Olga Vilukhina promised to do her best in the upcoming relays.

Speed of the day – Daria Domracheva

The Belorussian athlete skied with the best speed to her third Gold of the Games. Only Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Michael Greis managed to win three gold medals at one Olympic Games.

Shooting of the day – Olena Pidrushna

Five biathletes shot clean in the race: Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle, Teja Gregorin, Monika Hojnisz, Elena Pidhrushna and Veronika Vitkova. The Ukrainian athlete shot clean faster than the others.

Photo of the day – First shooting

Fan of the day – The man with Russian flags


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