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Yekaterina Yurieva and Dmitri Yaroshenko to start at the next IBU Cups

The team head coach Vladimir Barnashov explains: “Our quota for the IBU Cups is of 8 athletes. Seven of them qualify according to the criteria announced by the RBU Direction and the last one (among men and women)  is decided by the coaches. We’ll use the opportunity to see Yurieva and Yaroshenko at the IBU Cups. The Coaches Council approved our decision and they’ll be included into the official entry of our team for the IBU Cups in Martell and Obertilliach one of these days. We’re aware of their training details and we also analyzed Dmitri Yaroshenko’s result at Ufa, but to understand the real level we have to see them at international competitions”. 

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office