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Yekaterina Yurieva enters Russia’s B-team for IBU Cup

“Right after the first IBU Cup in Beitostolen we went to Obertilliach and held a small training camp there before IBU Cup 2 in Martell”, he says. “Today we go to Martell, which is 4 hours away from here by bus. Coaches and servicemen have already gone in the morning and the athletes leave for Italy in the afternoon. After we arrived at Martell, I added to our entry Yekaterina Yurieva, Vladimir Semakov, Timofey Lapshin and Yevgeni Garanichev.

Before Yurieva starts here, there are some official procedures to be completed. Tomorrow morning, she’ll have to fill in the Anti-Doping Declaration and passes the material control. Timofey Lapshin and Vladimir Semakov are also to pass the material control. Every athlete to start at the IBU Cup for the first time during the season must have the commercial trademarks on their clothing items checked.

Yesterday in Obertilliach Vladimir Barnashov and I met Dmitri Yaroshenko and his personal coach Vladimir Bragin. We discussed their training plan and decided that Dmitri now goes on training in Austria to later start at IBU Cup 3 in Obertillich. As for the upcoming IBU Cap at Martell, we’ve changed the list of the men’s team. Timofey Lapshin, Vladimir Semakov and Yevgeni Garanichev are to start instead of Dmitri Blinov and Ivan Nyunyaev. On Thursday evening we’ll have a dinner together with the athletes and discuss our things. The first training is planned for Friday morning”.

Russian Biathlon Union Media Office