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Larnaca is behind, Ruhpolding is ahead

This Friday, May 20th, the women's national team headed by Wolfgang Pihler finishes the first part of the debut training camp in Cyprus and moves to Ruhpolding. Pavel Rostovtsev and Svetlana Sleptsova sum up the results of the first week.

The women's national team has started the first training camp in Larnaca one week ago — on the 13th of May. The feature of the first camp is that it is split into two parts — Cypriot and German. After spending one week in Larnaca, the women's team is heading to the home-town of Wolfgang Pihler and the site of the next year's World Championship — Ruhpolding.

«I think we can summarize the results of the Cypriot part of the training camp,» comments Pavel Rostovtsev. «With all the confidence I can say that all girls have handled the high pace of the trainings offered by the coaching staff. We're setting the ground base for the next season. In Larnaca the athletes have done a lot of the power work — working out, cycling.»

«Some progress can be seen already one week after the start of the training camp — after the 5–6 days of the training girls accomplish the exercises much faster. And the sportsmen notice, they are not afraid of the intensively high trainings. We constantly analyze their work with Wolfgang and he is very satisfied with what he sees. Pihler has also commented on the girls' conditions before the start of the camp — it was clear they kept their shape even on vacation. We didn't have to start from the beginning.»

According to Pavel Rostovtsev in Cyprus Wolfgang Pihler paid special attention to establishing personal communication with the girls. Every evening the team meetings were held, where the coaching staff analyzed the work made and announced the plans for the next day. After the general meeting, the coaches and the athletes had one-on-one meetings. Pavel Rostovtsev and the manager of the women's team helped with the translation.

«Wolfgang seems to be an open-minded person always ready for the contact,» believes Svetlana Sleptsova. «But it didn't really help on the first days of the training camp, we had to work hard and be patient. However such work brings a moral satisfaction to the sportsman. Considering the fact that many of the exercises were new for us, Wolfgang explained all exercises, how and why we should do them. This work should make us feel much better in winter — these thoughts help during the hard moments of the training process.»

«We paid a lot of attention to cycling. Sometimes we have made 90 kilometers during the one training, the average was 50–60 at a one time. And we didn't just ride bicycles but worked intensively. We've never had such hard trainings in May — you can say that after 20–kilometers crosses. But together with the high pace of the trainings comes the confidence in the victorious results.»

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