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Anfisa Reztsova to hold the president’s post in the Moscow region biathlon Federation

At the last conference of the Moscow region biathlon Federation the president election was held. The representatives of the union unanimously voted for the candidature of Anfisa Reztsova.

The predecessor of Reztsova Gennady Ramenskiy will now work as a vice-president of the Federation. Reztsova has lately worked as an adviser of sport issues for the head of the urban district Khimki Vladimir Strelchenko.

«Vladimir Strelchenko and I did a great job in the development of the sport infrastructure in Khimki,» says Anfisa Reztsova. «We paid a special attention to the children sport — I organized the ski and biathlon competitions. Not so long ago we have built the ski-biathlon site, consisting of the two-kilometer illuminated track, snow cannons. The roller track is also planned.

Since I've been elected as a president of the Moscow region biathlon Federation I will have more opportunities to develop my favorite sport. In Moscow region we have a lot of good coaches but not so many of the biathletes. I can tell you, we're planning to attract to the biathlon trainings sportsmen from cross-country skiing. In due course I used to be a skier as well. We have many ideas of how to develop biathlon in the area. In the nearest time I plan to discuss the current situation at the upcoming meeting with the governor Boris Gromov.»

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