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Test competitions to be held in Sochi in February 2012

Vice president of the RBU Vadim Melikhov has announced that the test biathlon competition will be organized on the Olympic tracks in Sochi on the 6th-10th February. Another consultative trip to Sochi is scheduled for the RBU specialists in June followed by the approbation of the biathlon track project.

«This competition in 2012 will be a testing one, its name says for itself,» comments Vadim Melikhov. «We will check how well the facilities and services are prepared. We will test the track, the shooting range and the wax-cabins. Of course, the huge attention will be paid to the security issues. By the way, the fans will be able to watch these competitions.

In Sochi we need to check how well the track is made — the inspection will be comprehensive. We will control if everything was projected and planned in a proper way. Let's see how people work.»

RBU Media Office