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Women national team has finished Ruhpolding training camp

The women national team headed by Wolfgang Pihler has finished its training camp in Ruhpolding (21st May — 5th June). The next training camp will again take place in Ruhpolding on 19–26 June.

«I was with the team on their first training camp in Cyprus and saw the work they did,» comments head coach of the national team Valery Polkhovsky. «Wolfgang Pihler has called me today. He has reported the team made all work planned for the training camp. He is totally satisfied with the work and discipline. Biathletes are well motivated. The team is smoothly been formed — nine biathletes, who trained in Ruhpolding will continue working on the next training camp on 19–26 June. In addition, Olga Zaytseva will join the team later. The next training camp in Ruhpolding will differ from the previous one. As we approach the season we plan to increase the tension of the trainings.»

Polkhovsky also stressed that «Svetlana Sleptsova and Ekaterina Yurlova have decided to continue working with Pihler instead of home self trainings. The rest of the team will go back to Russia and train individually. The special training schedule was developed for them. All the information regarding their work sportsmen will send Pavel Rostovtsev and Wolfgang Pihler.»

RBU Media Office