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Men teams A and B went on a walking trip with Bjoerndalen

The men teams A and B, which have a training camp in Austrian Obertilliach, had a joint training session with six-time Olympic champion Ole Einar Bjoerndalen in Italian Toblach. Together with Norwegian, the Russian teams made a walking tour up to the mountains, climbing to the high of 2500 meters.


«Some of the training sessions during the training camp we had in Italian Toblach, the place where Bjoerndalen lives,» explains the head coach of the Russian team Valery Polkhovsky. «After several joint training sessions, Bjoerndalen offered us to make a walking trip together. The coaches corrected the plans and the boys of the teams A and B went to the mountains with the Norwegian. The training session was composed of the uphill running and walking with the poles. They started from 1200 meters and finished at the height of 2500 meters. The training session lasted for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The last half an hour was spoiled by the rain, but everybody came back and looked satisfied. Our sportsmen enjoyed training with Ole Einar. All of our biathletes stood the pace of Bjoerndalen. They all kept together. I think, they all found something new for themselves. This training session was mutually useful for us and for Bjoerndalen.»


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