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Olga Abramova is a winner of the women sprint in Ostrov!

Olga Abramova from Moscow won the sprint at the Summer Biathlon IBU Cup in Ostrov. The convincing victory was captured after only one miss at the shooting range. Anna Kunaeva shot clean, but dropped 1,27 minutes behind. Veronika Timofeeva missed four times and finished the race at the third place.

«The main task for me today was to approach the shooting calmly and avoid any emotions,» Olga Abramova shares the secret of the victory. «I am glad with my performance. I do not really think that I am in the best shape right now, earlier I had some illnesses and minor traumas. This year I train with the youth team, and this training is different from what I have done before. Why am I only one who competed here from the youth team? Well, our training camp is just finished, and there is no place to train in Moscow. So, I decided to come here and train according to my program. This race was a speed training for me».

The results of the sprint, women

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