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Yana Romanova: “I wish I could keep speed for any distance”

Yana Romanova, a two-time winner of the Summer Biathlon Russian Championship comments on her victory in the sprint.

«The weather conditions were hard today, the wind was changeable,» says Yana Romanova. «We had to make corrections in the shooting — someone succeeded, someone did not. Do I want to have all the gold medals in Ufa? This is not my goal, we are just preparing for the winter season. It is always a pleasure to win in the intermediate competitions.

Earlier because of the problems with my functional condition I had the results mainly at the expense of the good shooting. But I do not want people to think that I have a narrow specialization in individual races. I like short distances, sprints. I would love to have the same speed at any distance.

I have not seen our coach Wolfgang Pichler yet. He worked at the uphill today, not at the shooting range. He shouted in German: «Schneller!» He wants us to work for the winter. I needed to work well at the last lap, but I think I failed to do this.»

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