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Leonid Guriev: “An efficient work with the Tyumen's team paid off”

A head coach of the Tyumen's team Leonid Guriev explained how his team managed to win both silver and gold medals of the junior women relay at the Russian Summer Championship.

«It is easy to explain today's results. We have done an efficient work in Tyumen,» says Leonid Guriev. «We have a center for sports training and sports schools. One or two years later we will have very serious selection to the center. We have 11 sports schools, where biathlon and cross-country skiing are developed. We bought 110 rifles from the Izhevsk plant. Training attendance grew dramatically. We also have three sports centers in the region. Everybody knows about Tyumen and Uvat, but we also have a complex in Zavodoukovsk with its shooting range, hotel and high-tech shooting gallery. All these factors help us to increase a number of sportsmen. This means we have a lot of people to choose from.»

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