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Ivan Tcherezov is successfully operated in Moscow

On Monday, Spetember 26th, Ivan Tcherezov were successfully operated in the Moscow hospital. The surgery was made by the Ivan's doctor, head of the sports trauma division, professor of the traumatology and orthopedics and catastrophe's surgery of Sechenova's FMSMU (Medical University), doctor of medical science Sergey Arkhipov.

«The surgery lasted 45 minutes and was successful.» comments Sergey Arkhipov. «We made a nail-plate fixation of the left leg's ankle. Our task is to rehabilitate a normal joint's anatomy. With the ordinary people the operation would be even unnecessary, but with the professional sportsman we have a special case. Right after the surgery we monitored all the changes with the help of the interoperational X–ray, I was satisfied with what I saw.

Ivan will stay in the hospital for two weeks before the removal of sutures. I cannot tell you anything regarding the rehabilitation period. We need to do everything step-by-step. The surgery is the first, after that — cicatrization, only then we can talk about rehabilitation's plan. But even after Ivan's discharge from the hospital we will constantly control him. I can tell you he will have an individual rehabilitation, in regards with his peculiarities and the sport itself. The first step is behind — the surgery was successful. We will do our best to make everything else the same way.»

On September 22nd, during the individual race of the Russian championship Ivan Tcherezov fell and got the severe injuries — fractures of the both ankles, shin bone and the ankle displacement.

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