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Ivan Tcherezov will have a rehabilitation course in the USA

two-time Olympic Games prize-winner, three-time world champion Ivan Tcherezov will have a rehabilitation course in the NewYork's Hospital for Special Surgery. On October 20th Tcherezov will travel to New York for a two-month' rehabilitation course, organized by the Russian Biathlon Union on the base of the best worlds' clinic specialized in the sports' traumas. The leading specialists of the American hospital have already created the individual rehabilitation program for Ivan.

The Hospital for Special Surgery is an oldest orthopedic hospital of the USA with the more than 145 years history in research and practical medicine. The hospital's specialists have a great experience in the field of the sports' traumas. Among the hospital's patients were the players of the most popular American leagues — National Football League (NFL) and National Basketball League (NBL), tennis players of the ATP-tournament (top-rated players and «Grand Slam» winners Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, Pit Sampras), and the athletes of the leading sports' organizations (14–time Olympic champion Michael Phelps and Olympic champion in figure skating Alexey Yagudin).

«We have studied experiences of the top world's clinics specialized in the sportsmen's rehabilitation. We had a lot of consultations with the Russian specialists and their colleagues from abroad. And we found the optimal option for the Ivan's effective rehabilitation,» comments the RBU's CEO Sergey Kushchenko. «We all want Tcherezov to come back to the track as soon as possible. At the same time we all understand that this is the case, when the quality of the treatment is more important than its timing. The Hospital in New York has a huge rehabilitation experience of the sportsmen with the same fracture-traumas, this was a determining factor for us. Right after our request the clinic's specialists had a thorough dialog with the Ivan's doctor and very efficiently developed the individual rehabilitation course, according to which Ivan will work during the next two months.»

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