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Krasnoyarsk “Biathlon Academy” got the present from RBU's president

On November 2nd a president of the Russian Biathlon Union Mikhail Prokhorov visited a Krasnoyarsk «Biathlon Academy». Together with a Krasnoyarsk krai's governor Lev Kuznetsov Prokhorov visited a local biathlon complex the day before its commissioning.


The reconstructed shooting range, equipped with the modern electrical targets, and the medico-rehabilitation center for sportsmen provoked the highest interest of the guests. Prokhorov has also approved the initiative of the quick transformation of the luxurious hotel rooms to the ordinary room for 8 people.

The RBU's president highlighted, that the Krasnoyarsk complex is one of the leading complexes in Russia. It can be used not only as a modern training base for the biathletes, but also as a venue for the international competitions. The RBU's head has also made a present to the Krasnoyarsk biathlon.


«The Russian Biathlon Union never comes without presents,» said Mikhail Prokhorov. «We decided to present to the young «Academy» the most important thing — equipment. I give you a certificate for 10 air rifles and timing systems. I know, that there have never been systems like this in Krasnoyarsk. This equipment will help you to make a training process even more qualitative.»

RBU Media-Office