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Biathlon complexes in Tyumen and Kamchatka got the IBU licences

The regional winter sports center «Zhemchuzhina Sibiri» in Tyumen got an IBU A category license, and the Vitaly Fatianov's biathlon complex got an IBU B category licence. This decision was made during the meeting of the International Biathlon Union on 4–6 November in Pyeongchang (South Korea), reports the IBU first vice-president, RBU CEO Sergey Kushchenko.

«There were almost no discussion regarding the licensing of the Russian complexes at the meeting. For three years in a row Kamchatka hosts a major international competition and got the license without any problems,» comments Sergey Kushchenko. «As for «Zhemchuzhina Sibiri» in Tyumen, the IBU commission visited the complex in the end of September and was really pleased with what they saw. The conditions for the sportsmen, competitions, personnel and press meet the standards of the IBU and exceed them in some parameters. As a result the Tyumen arena got the highest possible licence.»

The IBU commission headed by the vice-president Gottlieb Taschler visited Tyumen on 28–30 September. The members of commission highlighted the service building, changing rooms and the training shooting range.

The license of the A category gives a right to host the international competitions of the highest level. As for the Russian biathletes, they have valuated the Tyumen arena long time ago.

«Our men's team was left without snow in Norwegian Shushen and will travel to «Zhemchuzhina Sibiri» for a final training camp in the nearest few days. We had several options, but the Tyumen's complex got the nod. The complex has the optimal conditions for a team,» says Sergey Kushchenko.

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