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Evgeny Garanichev: “Lost plenty of time because of the poles exchange”

The biathlete of the Russian team Evgeny Garanichev commented his performance in the sprint race of the world cup in Ostersund. Evgeny broke his pole in the beginning of the race.

«Of course, I did not expect it to brake. I worked during the zeroing with it, everything was okay,» says Evgeny Garanichev. «I did not drop it or stepped on it. In the race I did the first step and it broke down. The reserve pole was bigger than my usual, then I got the normal one.

I lost plenty of time while I was making all these changes. I plunged forward and it influenced my shooting. I came to the shooting range and was shaking. It was a hard race because of this. I felt goo myself, but I could not get the result… After I changed the pole I ran good, at the same level with the leaders. We will continue fighting.»