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Yana Romanova won the individual race in Izhevsk

The 15–km individual race took place at the «Izhevsk Rifle» competition. Yana Romanova celebrated the victory, leaving behind Daria Virolainen, placed second, and Anna Bulygina, third.


Final results:

1. Yana Romanova (Omsk) — 50:01.3 (2).

2. Daria Virolainen (Moscow) +5.2 (2).

3. Anna Bulygina (Tyumen)+10.1 (2).

4. Valentina Nazarova (Izhevsk) +32.2 (3).

5. Anastasia Zagoruiko (Tyumen) +1:01.0 (4).

6. Natalia Sorokina (St. Petersburg) +1.08.5 (2).

Final results

Yana Romanova: «I am satisfied with the race, but it was not easy»

Daria Virolainen: «I wanted to miss the race because of my illness»

Anna Bulygina: «It is a pleasure to know that the coaches of the main team are watching the Russian competition»

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