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Yana Romanova: “I am satisfied with the race, but it was not easy”

Yana Romanova commented on her victory in the individual race of the «Izhevsk Rifle» competition.

«Daria Virolainen said she did not want to run today, I had the same situation,» says Yana Romanova. «Yesterday I felt that my throat was sore, and I thought I had a fever. I felt so bad that I wanted to cancel my start in the race. But in the morning I felt myself better. I realized I could not miss this start. I am very happy, that everything ended up so well.

Overall I am satisfied with the race, although it was not easy. At the same time I cannot say that it was super hard. Two misses are a lot, but with that erratic wind we had today this shooting was not bad.»

RBU Media Office