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Evgeny Ustyugov visited the young skier, who undergoes a treatment for cancer

During his three-day vacation the Olympic champion Evgeny Ustyugov visited Lev Shchepetov, who undergoes a treatment in the pediatric oncology clinic in Moscow. The 15–years old skier lives in Zheshart village, Komi and has been under the medical supervision since October.


«I have not thought even for a moment when I was invited to see Lev,» comments Evgeny. «It is great, that Lev's family managed to find me and tell the story of this guy. I have talked to him more than an hour. I want to say he is great! Lev had a good performance as a skier of his age. But when I saw him I thought he resembled more a basketball player. In any case, if he is so purposeful and persistent, he will beat his disease soon! I believe in him.»

The representatives of the fund «Gift of life» made a request to the RBU for the meeting's organization for Evgeny and Lev. They decided to make the dream of the young sportsman come true. Lev wanted to meet the Olympic champion Ustyugov — in March 2010 the boy watched the victorious race of Evgeny on the TV.

«At first I did not believe that Evgeny Ustyugov would come here to see me at the hospital,» says Lev Shchepetev. «This was really great when I saw him! When we talked I realized that he was a simple, average guy. He is neither arrogant nor haughty, although he is an Olympic champion. He told me about his victory in Canada. I watched that race on the TV, and I still remember how well he ran at the finish. He jumped at the last uphill. He became my idol and today we shook hands. I want him to be healthy and wish him many other victories.»

Evgeny presented Lev a training jacket of the Russian team and the bib with the autographs of all the team members, so Lev has more desire to get well and start training again. As soon as he gets better the young skier will get the present from the Russian Biathlon Union and its partners — the ski poles Swix, pair of shoes and skis Fischer, which as we found out prefer both sportsmen.

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