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Maksim Maksimov: “I want to prove that I can fight at the highest level”

Maksim Maksimov, who missed the several months because of his trauma, commented on his performance in the individual race at the «Izhevsk Rifle» competition. Maksimov placed 35th and was second in term of the course time, loosing only to Vladimir Semakov.

«About a month ago I started my first training after the trauma,» comments Maksim. «I compete, but it is wrong to say, that this competition means a lot too me. This individual race was the only second start for me. Right now I cannot combine fast speed and shooting. I think I will get better. I am trying to make up leeway of the several months. I cannot say anything regarding my comeback to the main team. I am not a coach of the national team. I have a desire to prove that I can fight at the highest level.»

RBU Media Office