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Anna Bulygina won the sprint race in Izhevsk

Anna Bulygina won the sprint race of the «Izehvsk Rifle» competition. Anastasia Zagoruiko places second, Irina Trusova — third. All three sportsmen represent Tyumen.

Final results

1. Anna Bulygina (Tyumen) — 23:58.5 (1).

2. Anastasia Zagoruiko (Tyumen) +4.8 (1).

3. Irina Trusova (Tyumen) +22.6 (2).

After the race Anna commented on her victory:

«It was not easy to run today. The weather conditions were hard — the fresh soft snow. I waited for my start quite a long time and saw that many girls made mistakes at the shooting range. I set the task for myself — to shoot carefully, the maps were slippery. There were many other factors that could influence shooting. I tried to be concentrated and ran with my own tempo. I think I almost handled the shooting and this paid off. It is too early to discuss the plans for January — the coaches are making these decisions.»

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