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Anna Bulygina: “The height of Hautte Maurienne influences performance”

Anna Bulygina, who ran the finish leg of the relay in Hautte Maurinne and won the victory for the Russian women's team, commented on her performance:

«It was not so easy to run today. The track in French Hautte Maurinne is insidious — the height influences performance. Few hours ago Dmitry Yarosheko felt bad here. There are even some legends among the biathletes regarding this place.

I saved my strength during the first two laps. I could speed up, but I wanted to leave something for the last lap. I thought that we would have the main fight there. I ran faster than the German during the first laps. But at the final lap she chased me and did not drop behind. I had to work hard.

The girls, who competed here earlier, say, that it will be easier to run in the next races.»

RBU Media Office