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Olga Zaytseva: “I wanted to tell Tora: “Shoot the last target and run!”

The biathlete of the Russian team Olga Zaytseva commented on her fifth place in the pursuit race at the world cup in Nove Mesto:

«I led the race during the whole first lap, making the track for everybody else. That is why I was not too fast comparing to the other girls. All the mistakes at the shooting range are mine. I was nervous — wanted to shoot faster. I was not concentrated. Before the race Wolfgang Pichler asked us to be concentrated. After the successful race you think that it will be easier in the next races.

My fifth place is a good result. It is impossible to win during the whole season.

It was funny today at the third shooting. Magdalena Neuner shot wrong. I wanted to tell Tora: «Shoot the last target and run!». She only needed to shoot once (laughing).Of course we were all distracted by this episode.»

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