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Daria Domracheva: “It is so great to win in Tyumen, in the place where I am well supported”

Byelorussian biathlete Daria Domracheva commented on her victory in the sprint race at the Russian cup for the Tyumen gouvernor's prize:

«It was really hard to compete today. The weather condition was not easy. Of course I am glad I won. It is great to win Tyumen, where I am so well supported. My friends and family came here to support me.

The local complex is a real pearl of Sibiria. The track is very hard. I do not want to compare it to anything else. Every track is unique.

I cannot say that after Magdalena Neuner's leave I feel myself a number one in the women's biathlon. It is for fans to discuss. I try not to think about it.»

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