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Viktor Vasilyev: “It is too early for me to think about the World cup”

Biathlete of the Russian team Viktor Vasilyev commented his third place in the sprint at the IBU cup in Swedish Idre.

«I have a feeling that it is no November, bur spring in Idre. Everything melts down here, we have such weather only by the end of the season in Uvat and Tyumen. It is very unusual.

I am glad that I could make it to the podium. This result is not bad for a season's start. The race was lucky for me, I was good in shooting. I need to speed up and find my reserves.

It is important to show good performance at the IBU cups, I want to start in every race at all three cups. After that we will see what for result will I have. It is too early to think about the world cups with the shape I have now.»

RBU Media-office