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Kristina Smirnova: “Sprint at the IBU cup is the first race at this level for me”

Biathlete of the Russian team Kristina Smirnova commented her 13th place in the sprint at the IBU cup in Idre:

«This was a first race at this level for me. The main thing was to not make any tramandous plans — but to do everything I can. I think I could make it.

My performance was calm, the speed was good. I know that I was eights in course time. It is a shame that the track's condition was not that good, as I started 98th. The downhills were icy today. One and a half years ago I switched from cross-country skiing to biathlon. My shooting is not stable yet. Sometimes I shoot well, and somethimes badly. Two misses is a good result for me now. We will continue working to stabilize shooting.»

RBU Media-office