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Ekaterina Yurlova: “I was surprised to get only one penalty”

Biathlete of the Russian team Ekaterina Yurlova commented on her performance in the sprint at the World cup in Hochfilzen:

«The same as at the previous cup I missed once and finished 18th. Overall I am satisfied with my skiing and skis. The conditions are slightly different here from those we had in Ostersund. The altitude is bigger and functionally it was a bit hard. There is simply not enough air at the top of the last uphill. The shooting conditions also differ. The approach to the shooting range is at uphill, and this influences shooting.

To say the truth, today I was surprised to have only one penalty, as it was very hard to shoot from standing position: the was a wind and my pulse was high after the uphill. If we consider my previous sprint races — at the IBU cup and in Ostersund, I could say that I performed better here. Of course I understand that it is still not that level at which I can get prizes.»

RBU Media Office