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Wolfgang Pichler: “There is a sports principle, we will send Sleptsova to Izhevsk Rifle”

Head coach of the Russian women's team Wolfgang Pichler commented on the team's performance in the sprint race at the World cup in Pokljuka:

«I think we had problems with the skis today. I have not talked to the servicemen about this yet, but it is obvious we had difficulties. We need to analyze the situation thoroughly. We are in snow, and the conditions were difficult. The skis of Ekaterina Shumilova only worked well today — it is impossible for Zaitseva to lose 40 seconds to Ekaterina.

As for Svetlana Sleptsova, she is a very talented sportsman, but there is a sports principle. Sleptsova had two chances, but she could show good result. The competition in Russia is very high. I have no other options than to send Svetlana to Izhevsk Rifle.»

RBU Media Office