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Alexey Volkov and Timofey Lapshin won Silver and Bronze at the Biathlon IBU cup in Ridnaun

Russian Alexey Volkov won Silver of the pursuit race at the Biathlon IBU cup in Italian Ridnaun. Volkov lost to the winner Austrian Tobias Eberhard 23,9 seconds. Another Russian sportsman Tmifey Lapshin rose from the 11th place to the third. Alexey Slepov finished fifth.

Biathlon IBU cup. Ridnaun

Men. Pursuit

1. Tobias Eberhard (Austria) — 33:27,7 (1),

2. Alexey Volkov (Russia) +28,3 (2),

3. Timofey Lapshin (Russia) +1:08,0 (0),…

5. Alexey Slepov (Russia) +1:20,4 (2),…

12. Maxim Burtasov (Russia) +2:24,8 (4),

13. Viktor Vasilyev (Russia) +2:33,8 (2),

18. Maxim Tsvetkov (Russia) +3:18,1 (3).

Tjhe women's pursuit race is scheduled for 13:00 (GMT+1).

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