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Andrey Makoveev: “With snow my skis became slower”

Andrey Makoveev commented on his performance in the relay at the World cup in Ruhpolding:

«I did the same work in the off-season as the whole team. But in the beginning of the season I was not that fast. Now I need to correct my shape, I try to prepare for the main start of the season.

In the race I had to keep the speed of my competitors. My leg was difficult as speedy and serious guys participated in it: Boe, Ferry, Birnbacher. My skis worked perfectly at the first lap, but with the snow they became slower. At the second lap it was hard to run fast and it influenced my standing shooting. I am unsatisfied with it, but I did what I could. 

At the finish I had 26 seconds loss — it was not critical. It was not our day. The skis were not optimal. There will be other races, everything will be good.»

RBU Media Office