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Alexey Volkov: “I missed the spurt of Bjoentegaard”

Alexey Volkov commented on his performance in the pursuit at the IBU Cup in Italian Martell:

«We ran the last lap together with the Norwegian. It is clear that we were playing with each other. Bjoentegaard did not want to lead. I was keeping my speed and had reserves. I expected the fight at the finish. But my opponent turned out to be more sophisticated and ran away on the uphill. I missed his spurt.

The track is difficult in Martell. The approach to the shooting range is hard, you shoot with the high pulse. However, my shooting was good.

After this stage I will travel to Ridnaun and train there. On February 10–11 I will arrive to Nove Mesto — this is my plan.»

RBU Media-office