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Sergey Klyachin finished fifth in the individual race at the IBU cup in Osrblie

The men's individual race takes place today in the framework of the last IBU cup in Slovakian Osrblie. Swedish Ted Armgren became the best, Austrian Christoph Sumann finished second, Norwegian Alexander Os - third. Sergey Klyachin was the best among Russians, placing fifth.

IBU cup. Osrblie, Slovakia

Individual race. Men

1. Ted Armgren (Sweden) — 52:10,0 (0),

2. Christoph Sumann (Austria) +30,8 (1),

3. Alexander Os (Norway) +36,6 (1),

5. Sergey Klyachin (Russia) +53,3 (1),

12. Andrey Makoveev (Russia) +3:22,8 (4),

18. Dmitry Elkhin (Russia) +4:12,9 (2),

23. Ivan Tcherezov (Russia) +4:42,2 (3),

26. Maxim Burtasov (Russia) +5:08,3 (4),

27. Viktor Vasilyev (Russia) +5:10,9 (2).

The women's individual race will start at 12:30 (GMT+1) February 8. The women's race was rescheduled for Friday due to the collapse of the roof over the targets. «The roof over the targets collapsed under masses of wet, fresh snow at Osrblie this afternoon, postponing the women's 15K individual until Friday at 12:30. Start lists will remain the same. Although the roof collapsed during the zeroing, no one was hurt. The OC and its volunteers are now working on repairing the damage,» reports the IBU official site.

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