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Olga Zaitseva: “We are in good shape, but we miss something”

Biathlete of the Russian team Olga Zaitseva commented on her performance in the relay at the WCH in Nove Mesto:

«We are in good shape now. But we miss something, we do not know what. Of course, we are upset. This is a world championship — 24 teams are able to fight for top-10. I have said it many times that level of biathlon is increasing. Romania, Slovakia were in top-6… They all work and train. It is my third 4th place at this world championship. I want to thank Olga Vilukhina for winning this fourth place.

I am dissatisfied with my performance. We all have our minuses. The skis should work perfectly here, and they did not. The lap is not that difficult here, and skis should work faster.»

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