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Olga Zaitseva met pupils and teachers of the Moscow school 629

Two-time Olympic champion, three-time world champion and honored master of sports Olga Zaitseva had a meeting with the pupils and teachers of the Moscow school 629. The event was supported by Megaphone.

The meetings of Olga and the pupils of the school 629 (where she used to study) have already become a tradition. On April 17 Olga visited her alma mater for the third time. Megaphone organized the meeting and the sport program with biathlon elements.

The meeting started in the assembly hall, where Zaitseva awarded the best sportsmen with certificates and presents. After that the biathlete answered the questions regarding her sports carrier – when and why she started with biathlon, what did she feel taking the rifle for the first time, what is the difference in skiing styles, who is her main competitor on track, how to become an Olympic champion, does she feel nervous before the start, which country is the strongest in biathlon. According to Zaitseva, she was able to become a two-time Olympic champion thanks to the everyday training and discipline, the main competitor on the track is herself, and the strongest country in biathlon is Russia.

The students draw portraits of Zaitseva, and she needed to choose the best work. However, Zaitseva said that all pictures were nice and they all won.

After the interview, Olga Zaitseva and children moved to a sport hall and participated in sport games and biathlon quiz. After that, Olga gave autographs and souvenirs to all the kids.

“This is the third time I meet the students of the school, where I studied myself. Today my first coaches and my teachers were with me. The atmosphere was great. This year I asked Megaphone to help me with organization and they supported me. I want to thank them for this!

I like to participate in the events like this, to meet children and talk to them. Last year I also participated in the competitions, but this time I could not do it because of my trauma. I was a referee.

I liked the questions, the kids asked me. Those are the children's questions, interesting and sometimes naïve: for example, how to with an Olympic medal. They do not know the price. I think that I explained it to them at least briefly. It is great they had a paintings contest. I did not know about it and it was a surprise for me. I had to choose the best portrait, but they are all nice, beautiful and made with feeling,” commented Olga Zaitseva.

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