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Men's team and the group of Wolfgang Pichler started training in Font-Romeu

The Russian men's team and biathletes of the Pichler's group started training in Fon-Romeu, France. Sportsmen of Nikolay Lopukhov and Wolfgang Pichler will train in France until July 29.

«We sett off for France on July 9,» comments the head coach of the men's team Nikolay Lopukhov. «We will fly to Barcelona, and from Barcelona will travel to the place of the camp — French Font-Romeu. Everything is well in the team — all sportsmen are healthy and feel great. We chose the site of this training camp after a thorough inspection — on of the team's coaches and our manager checked the place beforehand. The conditions are great in Font-Romeu, the French biathlon team trains there. I have heard that the brothers Simon and Martin Fourcade want to have several training sessions with us. We have our own training plan, and if it suits the French sportsmen, then we will work together with pleasure.» 

RBU Media Office