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Anna Bulygina won the Silver of the pursuit race at the SB WCH in Forni Avoltri

Russian biathlete Anna Bulygina won the silver medal of the women's pursuit at the IBU SB WCH in Forni Avoltri. Jitka Landova from the Czech Republic won the race, with Victoria Padial Hernandez  from Spain placing third. 

Summer Biathlon World Championships. Forni Avoltri, Italy

Pursuit. Women

1. Jitka Landova (Czech Republic) - 32:07,1 (0+1+0+4)

2. Anna Bulygina (Russia) +2:34,3 (1+2+2+0)

3. Victoria Padial Hernandez (Spain) +3:02,1 (2+0+1+1)

4. Irina Trusova (Russia) +3:33,7 (3+1+0+2)

8. Ogla Shesterikova (Russia) +5:16,0 (3+3+1+3)

9. Anna Kunaeva (Russia) +5:18,6 (1+2+2+3)

10. Alena Ilinykh (Russia) +5:28,2 (0+1+1+0)

14. Alexandra Alikina (Russia) +6:27,8 (1+4+2+1)

The last race of the championships is the men's pursuit, which will start at 15:00 (ECT). The live coverage of the race is available via SIWIDATA.

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