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Irina Starykh: “I still do not believe that at the finish I could win back such a big lag”

Biathlete from Tyumen Irina Starykh commented on her victory in the women's sprint at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi.

«To be honest, we did not prepare for this start in some special way,» says Starykh. «We spent a month in the mountains. At first, we trained in one place, and then in another. This is the final stage of our training camp. The coaches told us before the race: «Show the result you are ready for.» I did not think I would be that quick comparing to the other girls. During the race, I did not feel a high speed. I knew I was 18 seconds back from the leader after second shooting.

I still do not believe that I could win back those second and win. I do not think that I am in perfect conditions now. Early in the summer I had an injury and missed some training period. Maybe this is reason why I have some kind of lightness that contributed to my victory. The track in Sochi is very difficult. First of all because of the altitude, and secondly because of the steep turns and uphills. However, I enjoyed racing today.»

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