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Andrey Makoveev: “It was very hard to run sprint, but I used it for rehabilitation”

Anrey Makoveev commented on his third place in the individual race at the Summer Biathlon Russian Championships and Cup in Sochi:

«The track in Sochi is very difficult. We arrived three weeks ago and had a training camp here. We got used to the track and practiced downhills. In summer, they are even more difficult than in winter. It is much more difficult to pass turns on roller skis. 

This training camp was not perfect. In the first week I caught cold because of the rains. After that we corrected my program with the coaches. 

It was very hard to run sprint, but I used it for rehabilitation. I did my best today, and had a good result. We still have time before winter and will continue working. By then my shape should be much better.»

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